Things to Consider Before Choosing Copper Wire Manufacturers

Wire and cables play an integral part in interconnecting various components in an electronic system. A little negligence and it might put your life and property at risk. Wires can be manufactured using zinc, nickel, aluminum, copper and various other metals. However, copper is one of the most preferred wire as it is a good conductor of electricity. Still, your choice of the stranded copper flexible manufacturer will decide whether you have chosen the right wiring or not.

So, how do you pick the best wire manufacturer? Obviously, not all are the same. From the quality of wires to pricing, there can be a lot of differences.

How to choose the best wire manufacturer?

Before you find a copper wire manufacturer, you should assess your needs in advance. You should know:

Whether you need the wire for a new setup or you want to improvise it for an existing setup.
Ask quotes for different wire manufacturers if going for a new setup.
Ascertain the cost, size, and installation information for the current setup.
Assess the cable power needed, number of contact points, voltage, type of signal, number and type of connectors needed, etc. In case, you are not into the technical know-how, the wire manufacturer can guide you through the exact requirement.
Ensure that the wires are corrosion resistant and can deal with extreme heat, moisture, and other calamities.

Overall, you should be concerned about the following qualities of a wire:

The color and size of the wire (Red, yellow, and blue for three phases and green color for earthing).
Its three layers – water-resistant layer, heat resistant layer, and fire-resistant layer.
Price – when it comes to wiring, don’t get tempted to low prices. Go only for ISI marked wires from the best brand.

Why wire manufacturers prefer copper?

Most of the leading wire manufacturers prefer copper wire due to the following qualities of copper:

It can be molded into various shapes and is a good conductor of electricity.
It is far less expensive than silver (other best metal with superior conductivity)
It is robust, durable, and gives longevity to all products it is used in. It can sustain any kind of extremities like rain, heat, and other outages.
It can be used in raw form as well as with other elements like nickel, lead, aluminum, tin, and more.

Before picking a wire manufacturer check for the quality and certifications

Almost all Stranded Copper Flexible Manufacturer or wire manufacturers can be traced online through their website. Check for the quality assurance and certification of the manufacturer before placing an order. ISO certification is one of the most important certifications for wire manufacturers.

It ensures the reputation and credibility of the copper wire supplier. It is a clear indication that the products are tested against high-quality and safety measures. This is crucial as you are investing in a product that can cause fire and destroy life and property, if not tested for quality.

To ensure quality analysis, go for a solid Copper Wire Manufacturer in India who adopts various quality testing methods and quality assurance, like Ganpati Wires.

Wrapping up

Wires and cables significantly affect the digital lifestyle of today. This is the reason they are being extensively used around the globe in many industries. Hence, a  Copper Wire Manufacturer has a lot of responsibilities when it comes to supplying efficient and reliable wires. Be it for any industry or household, always select the best wire manufacturers. We hope the write-up will help you in understanding the importance of wire and cables for your household or industry; why copper is the most preferred wiring metal; and how to choose the best wire manufacturer?

About Ganpati Engineering Indusrtries

Ganpati Engineering is a leading copper wire manufacturer in India. We provides world class products such as bare copper wire, braided copper wire, tinsel wire, tinned wire etc.
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